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Volunteer in Cambodia

by Kirby J (follow)
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Those who view themselves as more altruistic might place volunteering on their bucket list. You can volunteer in your local community, or find somewhere overseas. That's how I found myself living in Cambodia.

angkor wat, bucket list, volunteering, community, siem reap

Volunteering in Cambodia is an amazing experience. It allows you to explore the country in a completely different way, while allowing you to give back to the community.

On this trip Iíve been able to visit communities in a completely different way than if I were merely a tourist. Iíve been invited to have lunch in peopleís homes that sit on stilts high above the ground. Iíve been able to attend meetings see how the communities come together to work hard to improve their lives, and I've helped the communities to achieve this.

volunteering in cambodia, gap year, rural villages

volunteering in cambodia, gap year, rural villages

Iíve been able to (attempt to) learn Khmer. Iíve helped the people in my organisation improve their English. Chances are that youíre not going to have a whole lot to do and youíre probably not going to contribute significantly to your organisation but it my experience that does not mean the people donít appreciate the work that you do.

There are a lot of organizations that offer volunteer experiences. I went through a company called International Volunteers HQ who offer volunteer experiences at a much cheaper price than most other volunteer companies. They have partner organisations in each country that go to the placements and find the right one for you and your skills.

volunteering in cambodia, gap year, rural villages

Volunteering is not something that should be taken lightly. Itís tempting to come into Cambodia, or any developing country, with the hopes of spending a couple of weeks playing with some cute kids in an orphanage. If this is what you want to get out of volunteering, please, PLEASE, donít do it. You may mean well but you may be doing more harm than good. Orphanage tourism is a huge problem in Cambodia, and you can find out more information at Orphanages: Not the Solution. If you really want to help children in Cambodia youíre better off donating the money that you would have spent on the trip to a local NGO.

Donít expect to come to Cambodia and live in luxury. You may not have hot water. You may lose power on a fairly regular basis (Iím yet to go a whole week without losing power for at least a little while). You will get sick. But thatís all part of the amazing experience youíll have (except maybe the getting sick part, thatís not so amazing). Youíll also get to see amazing things.

volunteering in cambodia, gap year, rural villages

Youíll get to eat all these delicious foods (and this is coming from one of the fussiest eaters in the world). Youíll get to meet the local people who have such fascinating stories that theyíre eager to share. Youíll have some of the cutest kids in the world yelling hello at you and waving as you go past. You'll get to visit places like Angkor Wat. Youíll get to experience the amazing country that is Cambodia.

Basically volunteering is amazing, but it usually takes a bit of planning. Do a lot of research and go along with open expectations; you'll have a very rewarding experience.

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